Areas of Practice

Below are the areas of practice our firm provides. If you need clarification regarding what type of matter we can handle for you, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Business Law

  • We handle most matters pertaining to your business, and if we cannot, we have broad connections and know who to call or where to direct you.
  • We handle one-off business matters for some clients, and act as outside general counsel for even more!
  • An outside general counsel is an attorney who is not an employee but who brings the experience and knowledge necessary to handle a broad array of legal and business matters whenever needed, without the expense of having a full-time attorney on staff. For these clients, when you call we will know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your business, which brings familiarity and comfortability that blind-calling an attorney just can’t offer.

Workplace Law

  • Human Resources & Employment Matters
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employment Agreements & Offer Letters
  • Non-Compete Agreements (Restrictive Covenants)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Severance/Separation Agreements
  • Employee Misconduct & Discipline
  • HR Audits
  • Independent Contractors
  • Employee Benefits
  • Investigations of Workplace Misconduct & Policy Violations
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • ADA, Title VII, ADEA
  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Civil Rights Complaints
  • Disability & Religions Accommodations
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Contracts
  • Contract Non-renewals/Termination
  • Discrimination Claims & Investigations
  • Harassment Claims & Investigations
  • Harassment Training for Employees & Spervisors
  • Labor Relations
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Grievances/Arbitration
  • Facilities
  • Safety
  • Transportation Issues

Education Law

  • Title IX - Investigations and Training
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Compliance
  • Clery Act Compliance
  • Board Policy
  • Student Discipline
  • Facilities
  • Campus Safety
  • Public Records/Sunshine Law
  • Athletics Compliance & Investigations